Distillery Controls

We offer several levels of automation for the distilling systems. We have an advanced system that is PLC / touchscreen based and a more basic system with individual controls.

Our panels are UL (for the US) and cUL (for Canada) listed as an assembly. Each panel has its own unique UL listing number assigned to it. This number is typically required by your electric inspector in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy.


When it comes to controls for a distillery it is important to understand the strict requirements of the fire code. When a still is installed a certain area around the still will be rated as a hazardous location. This defined area is typically considered a Class 1 Division 2 area. This means that any electrical devices that are installed inside this area must be rated for Class 1 Division 2. This includes lighting, appliances, fans, and electrical outlets. It also includes the controls, sensors, and heating elements.


The hazardous area around the still is shaped like a sombrero or top hat. The upper portion of the sombrero is typically 5ft around the still higher than 3ft off the ground. The lower portion of the sombrero is 25ft around the still lower than 3ft off the ground. *** It is important that you consult your local fire inspectors for the exact area they define as Class 1 Division 2***. The below illustrates the Class 1 Division 2 hazardous area.



At Brewmation we take the Fire Code very seriously and design our solutions in accordance with the NEC and cUL requirements. We build our panels with the required barrier controls that are UL 698A certified (as required by electrical inspectors for controls used in a hazardous location such as a still).


The control panel can easily be located outside of the C1D2 area (as shown above), however, the sensors and simple devices need to be connected inside of the C1D2 area. To accomplish this safely and in accordance with the NEC, these intrinsic and/or simple devices need to be connected to the control panel via a hazardous location barrier system certified to UL 698A. In addition, powered items (such as a mixer motor and heating elements), need to have explosion proof ratings and be field wired to the control panel per the NEC by a licensed electrician.



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