Brewmation's heating systems and control panels can handle breweries from 1/2bbl up
to 10bbl.  We utilize the latest in heating element technology that includes the
lowest watt density and stainless steel bases.  Our elements come in various sizes
for single phase, three phase, 240 volts,and 208 volts.  
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Safety float switches are provided to ensure the heating elements are submerged prior
to turning on.  This prevents premature element failure.   

We provide two types of control panel.  Our basic panel utilizes LOVE digital
controllers to monitor and control the heat in the tanks.  We provide on / off
switches for the heat and also for the pumps.  Our advanced system utilizes a
PLC / touchscreen controller and offers additional features as follows:
  • Touch screen
  • Two additional peristaltic / sparge pump outputs (variable speed)
  • Flow meter
  • RIMS Advanced Control
  • Recipes for the process parameters
  • HLT timer (Set your HLT to do the heating prior to your arrival at the brewery!)
  • Glycol advanced controls
  • Brewery timer
  • Temperature trending
  • Networking
  • Flexible Power (Can be configured for higher circuit connection via a software selection)
Heating System Control Panels