Plate Chillers - Glycol Systems
Zone Control
Contact us to size your plate chiller for optimum
cooling.  We work with Thermaline to provide
efficient and sanitary plate chillers.  These
chillers allow you to disassemble the individual
plates to ensure the chiller stays sanitary.  Sizing
depends on water supply temperature and glycol
availability.  We can also size cold liquor tank

We work with Pro-refrigeration to provide complete
glycol solutions.  We will size your glycol unit to
provide enough BTU removal for your 2-stage plate
chiller, fermenters, brites, and even a cold room.

For the smaller systems, Pro-refrigeration offers a
3/4 hp unit that operates indoors.  For larger
systems, units can be sized to 12HP and larger that
operate outdoors..

We also offer customized glycol zone control panels
and solenoid valves.  We can provide the solenoid
valves to go with the panel that are low voltage
(24VDC) for easy installation.

When our touch screen control panels are used for
the brewery, we also offer a remote module to allow
the touch screen to control the fermentation and
brite tank zone controls (even if they are in
another room or another building).