Mash Equipment

Mashing is a key part of the distilling process converting the starches to fermentable sugars. We have several mashing systems to meet your requirements. Whether you will distill wort, a full mash (grain-in), or other starches, we have the equipment.

  • Malt Mills
  • Augers
  • Mash tuns (open top and rake/plow)
  • Jacketed mash tuns
    (steam and/or cooling)
  • Sparge pumps and grants


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When it comes to mashing grains there are several options. Here are two examples:


The grains are mashed in the mash tun and then the mash (grains and all) are chilled in the mash tun and then pumped to the fermenter. This requires a double jacketed mash tun (for heating and cooling).


The grains are mashed in the mash tun and then the lauder / sparge process separates the wort from the grains through a plate heat exchanger and then to the fermenter: