Pumping is one of the most important aspects of brewing. We have incorporated several pumping technologies into our system with the functionality that will achieve repeatability, simplicity, and dependability.

As part of our turnkey brewery we will size the pumps accordingly and mount them on a floor rack. This rack has rubber feet keeping the pumps off of the floor, yet low enough to be properly fed by the tanks.

Water pump: Centrifugal

The water pump functions:

  • Hot liquor tank circulation: Recirculating water within the hot liquor tank is important to ensure that all of the water is heated evenly.
  • Strike in: Once the water is heated to your calculated strike temperature, the water pump will be used to transfer the water to the mash tun for the dough in phase.
  • On our advanced PLC/Touch screen systems we utilize a flow meter to measure the exact amount of strike water. Once this set point is reached, the water pump will turn off or automatically return to the recirculation position if the motorized strike valve is used.
  • Moving sparge water to the mash tun.
Flow meter with motorized strike valve
Flow meter without motorized strike valve


Use our Brewery Designer tool to build your turnkey brewery.

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Wort Pump: Centrifugal

The wort pump functions:

  • Wort recirculation / vorlauf
  • HERMS circulation
  • RIMS circulation
  • Moving sparge wort to the mash tun
  • Whirl pooling in the brew kettle
  • Wort transfer through the heat exchanger to the fermenter.

Sparge Pumps: Peristaltic

Peristaltic pumps are a unique method for sparging due to their consistent and repeatable operation.


  • Being "positive displacement" each pump's revolution transfers an exact amount of wort or water. This allows the brewer to match the mash tun incoming water flow to the outgoing wort flow. Maintaining the liquid level above the grain bed is effortless.
  • The pumps are variable speed so you have full control over your sparge rate. This comes in handy when dealing with various grain bills.
  • By having dedicated sparge pumps hose swapping is eliminated. All operation is done through the control panel.


Mobile cart pump: Centrifugal

Having a mobile cart pump in the brewery is a very useful tool. There are many functions it can serve.


  • Whirlpooling
  • Transfer through the plate chiller
  • Transfer from fermenter to brite
  • Tank CIP
  • Brew house back up

Rugged wheels

Variable speed

Sanitary fittings