Glycol Cooling Controls

Brewmation offers centralized controllers that maintain a set temperature in all of the jacketed tanks. We offer basic and advanced stand-alone control panels. We also offer a control module that integrates to the advanced distillery touch screen panel.

Basic stand alone:

The basic stand along jacket control panel has individual controllers for each jacketed tank. The set point is changed via the controller's push button interface. Available in any number of control points (eight shown).


Advanced Integrated or Stand Alone:

The advanced cellar controls package is offered as a standalone unit with its own PLC / touch screen panel or integrates to the distillery control panel's touch screen via a network cable. Available in 8 point configurations. The modules can also be configured to daisy chain to one another so multiple units can be connected. This allows for any number of tanks to be controlled.

Each tank's set point is changed via the touch screen. The tank's name can be entered through the touch screen's keyboard.

The advanced controller can be connected to your network and accessed remotely via a smart phone or computer that can be connected to your brewery's network. This allows for remote monitoring and set point changes for each jacketed tank.


Cellar controls components:

Temperature Probe / Glycol Connection Cable
Glycol Control Solenoid Valve


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