Grain Handling

Malt Mill:

We offer malt mills made by Jimboney Malt Mills. The 3-roller mills are provided with a hopper and explosion proof motor. We offer the 6" and 12" mill sized to your brew system.

  • Diamond knurled rollers
  • 6" and 12" 3-roller mills available
  • Explosion proof motor
  • Enclosed cabinet to keep dust contained.
  • 6" mill includes a hopper with a 50lb capacity
  • 12" mill includes a hopper with a 100lb capacit
  • 6" mill has an 18lb/min capacity
  • 12" mill has a 36lb/min capacity

Malt mill, hopper, and cabinet


Use our Brewery Designer tool to build your turnkey brewery.

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For larger brewing systems a malt mill auger can become a necessity. The Jimboney malt mill can be ordered with an auger adapter and we can supply the auger to convey the milled grains directly to the mash tun's hydrator or to a grist hopper.