Glycol & Plate Chiller Solutions

Plate Chillers:

After the wort is boiled, cooling it to yeast pitching temperatures in a reasonable amount of time is necessary to avoid contamination and also for beer quality. We work with Thermaline for these applications and size the unit according to your tap water temperatures and desired wort temperature. There are two types of plate chillers that can be set up as single or dual stage. T4 Plate Chiller & T8 Plate Chiller


Single Stage:

A single stage chiller can be used if your tap water temperatures are around eight degrees below your desired wort pitching temperature. For example, if your tap water is 60F or lower all year round, you can expect to cool your wort to 68F which is a standard ale yeast pitching temperature.


Dual Stage:

When the water temperature is above 60F or if you are looking to lower your pitching temperature for lagers (usually 50F), a dual stage plate chiller is used. The first stage is your tap water and the second stage is the glycol.


When determining the plate chiller size and type we take the information above into consideration. In some instances, we may recommend using a single stage chiller combined with a cold water tank (cold liquor tank).


Glycol chillers:

Glycol chillers are used for many applications in the brewery. The typical functions are as follows:


  • Wort cooling via a dual stage plate chiller
  • Controlling the temperature of the fermenting beer
  • Crash cooling
  • Conditioning and serving
  • Cold room cooling via a glycol to air exchange


We work with Pro-Refrigeration to properly size a glycol chiller to fit your requirements. The size of the chiller depends on the wort cooling load, number of jacketed tanks, cold room load, and your expansion plans.


There are three types of glycol chillers that are typically offered:

  1. Chill and Flow - Indoor unit sized for 1-4 jacketed tanks on smaller breweries (no wort or cold room cooling). Chill & Flow Information PDF
  2. Chillstar series - Outdoor unit sized for 1-9 jacketed tanks. Chillstar Information PDF
  3. MA series - Outdoor unit sized for over 9 jacketed tanks. MA line card Information PDF


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Typical glycol loop